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The Hof Collection looks back on 30 years of collectorship in the field of chinese and southeast asian art. Its wide range and unique pieces were on display at the family office in Basel. The fantastic examples of arts and craft were arranged on two floors. The project in 2022 was one of the most interesting expiriences we made within the last years. With objects of 100 grams up to 3 Tons, the logistic to handle the collection was not easy to manage. Therefore the Family Hof collection's manager decided to approach us. It was a fantastic project and at the end, the big wish to get all objects sold was fullfilled. 3 Months after the Sale, the building was completly empty and the Space was ready to be used for a new collection. Of coures we are proud to have participated in this huge project. To show our understanding of art , have the capabiliy to put all in line and to promote a Sale world wide proofed our expertise and knowledge in the Art Scene. It was very important to offer a full Service package, so the owners had time for their new projects. With Buyers from all over the world and more than 30.000 Online visitors , the auction was a great Success.


Thank you Family Hof



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